CAD 2016 Solution Suite, the ultimate plan and design tools for civil engineering professionals, offers roads planning and design, upper and underground infrastructure design and pipes layout tools, intelligent and sensible earthworks calculations, and cross platforms surveying data handling capabilities .  CAD  has Combining fully integrated system tools, high-speed results and unsurpassed usability,  CAD 2016 brings the new generation in civil engineering to a new and unprecedented level of competence and cost-effectiveness.


Underground and upper ground utilities display in cross sections – including detailed information of diameter, depth, and positioning of pipes and cables

3D driving simulation – Simulate actual driving in 3D – highly credible and accurate 3D simulation can be created in a single mouse click using Civil Simulate. Widely used throughout the design process, from visualizing conceptual plans even in preliminary design stage, via performing accurate measurements, to trailing objects for visibility and line of sight checks in detailed designed roads, Civil Simulate is a must-have tool to achieve better results through better visualization

Vertical alignment design in a complete AutoCAD environment – combining data tables and advanced design tools

The most advanced retaining walls design tool in the world – complete design capabilities of wall elements including horizontal alignment, profile, and dimensions, attachment of a wall to a road and their integration (presentation of the road’s precise distances on the wall’s profile, presentation of the walls in exact dimensions on the road’s cross-sections), automatic profile design via definition of the wall’s minimum height for cut and fill, definition of walls dimensions as a function of its height (or fixed dimensions), and more

Complex urban roads design – design and extraction of the cross-sections directly from the layout (by defining the initial side-slopes), projection of 3D/2D lines onto the cross-sections, a special mechanism for underground infrastructures adjustment, and presentation of existing asphalt borders

Wide range of capabilities in automatic cross-sections design – side ditches definition for cut/fill and in-between situations, berms design, various side-slopes definition by the height (cut/fill), automatic projection of beside roads land-development on the cross sections and many more

Drainage, Sewage, and Water – supply detailed design including pipelines alignment and layout (for both manholes and pipes). Profile design with a special interface that enables definition of the pipe’s depth, IL, manholes size, automatic reception of the existing and the road’s designed level, crossings infrastructure presentation in the sections, quantity report production, manholes and detailed report production

Additional features include quantities calculations in various methods, including separation into several layers, quick and easy creation and calculation of setting out points, communication with all available measuring tools, a special mechanism for editing and adjustment of RAW (Observation) files, and so on.


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