JOVE Transmission/Distribution

Mechanical Design And Stress Calculations For Overhead Lines

JOVE software is specialized in overhead transmission and distribution lines mechanical design. JOVE software allows the user, starting from data on line’s topography and on available material for building it, to choose the best possible places for all supports and to choose the necessary material (from conductors to foundations), checking for the respect of all conditions on clearances and on stress for conductors, insulator strings and supports (each bar of each tower may be tested in a few seconds), at any possible climatic condition for the line site. Then JOVE produces all necessary documents for control office and for site teams that will build the line. Already available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian/Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, Thai and Chinese, it will only take a week to have it translated in any other language, as soon as a customer will request it. A study done in any available language may then be printed in any other available language (as long as the necessary fonts will be available). Compared with more traditional design, JOVE software, that only cost the price of one tower, allows saving several towers on the very first line for which it is used!


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A Few References

Using 20 years of French experience with software Jupiter on sun workstations, JOVE has been created on pc in 1997. Since that it has kept being improved owing to its international experience, so as to be compatible with most national regulations around the world. The main customers for transmission lines are in France Sogreah and Tractebel, in new Caledonia Enercal (subsidiary of EDF) and abroad in Egypt rea (3 copies purchased through EDF), eps and shaker group, at Madagascar Jirama, in Korea Kepri, in Tunisia Cami, in Belgium Nexans (2 copies), in India reliance (2 copies), in Malaysia Toprank, in Algeria Kahrif (6 copies) and Al Elec, in Russia factor (4 copies) and in Cambodia Edc (2 copies).

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