KANAL++ core module: Geoscientific decision support system for the geographic planning, processing, and analysis of drainage tasks in urban water management.

The compact holistic performance concept

  • All-in-one: graphics system, object-oriented database and analysis programs for hydraulics, assets, state in one system
  • GIS functionality
  • No external software necessary
  • No version and interface issues

 Regular use:

  • Object-oriented use of digitized plans in raster or vector graphics as background maps
  • Acquisition of manhole, holdings, catchment area data of all popular formats
  • Automated creation and allocation of hydraulic catchment areas
  • Freely definable surfaces and coordinate systems
  • Longitudinal cuts and theme plans in all variations

 Tool that meets the following guidelines:

  • Automatic calculation of shaft losses and pipe hydraulics according to DWA-A 110
  • Extended detection method according to DWA-A 128 with the help of a hydrodynamic dirt load simulation
  • DWA-M 149-3 – Channel state evaluation, beyond that State evaluation according to the Pforzheimer model
  • Channel state assessment with the new European guidelines – DIN EN 13508-2
  • Overflow detection and flood detection with heavy rain series according to DIN EN 752 and DWA-A 118
  • Integrated calculation of rainwater infiltration equipment according to DWA-A 138 and soil filter with hydrodynamic continuum simulation
  • Replacement times and cost evaluation according to DWA-A 133

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