SOFiSTiK Foundation

SOFiSTiK Foundation Program provides a complete solution for the Structural Design of Foundations needs. The Solution is suitable for Design of Bridge Abutments, Bridge Piers With/ Without Pile Foundations, Building Foundations, Storage Tank Foundations, and etc. The Program provides not only Analysis Results but also Complete Reinforcement Requirement in Piles, Pile Cap, and Wall Elements for Various International Design Codes.

Sofistik Foundation

SOFiSTiK Foundations Features
  • Piled-Raft Foundations (Check for Presentation on Detailed Interaction Information)
  • Raft Foundations
  • Addition of Walls and Piers to Raft Plate
  • Tank Foundations

SOFiSTiK Foundations - Add on Advanced FEA Models for Soils

In order to use 3D FEA Soil Models, the user has to add Additional Module Talpa. Talpa provides following options

  • Plane and Axis-Symmetrical Analysis for Geotechnical and Tunnel Applications
  • Includes Non-Linear Spring Elements
  • Primary Stress State
  • Construction Stages
  • Non-Linear Material Models Include
    • Drucker-Prager
    • Mohr-Coulomb
    • Gudehus
    • Lade
    • Duncan-Chang
    • Rock
    • Hypo-Elastic
    • Elasto-Plastic
    • Friction, Slip, In-Plane Stresses And Strains

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For Enquiry