AFES Foundation Design:

AFES is one such system that can produce all the foundation design data needed for the construction of foundations, quickly and economically.AFES is the ultimate commercial solution for below-mentioned problems.


Generally, the design of foundations is done manually, which involves enormous manpower. It can prove to be highly uneconomical, and it leads to the difficulties meeting quality requirements and deadlines. Major difficulties encountered during a project are the tenure of work period of projects, regular changes in the design of superstructures, complications in the assumption of the foundations’ size for sites, interference checking between footing, underground piping, and electrical cable trench, coordination with other teams.

1) Remarkable Reduction of Foundation Design Schedule
2) The Design could be reversed easily and immediately.
3) Automatic production of foundation designs economically.
4) Effective operation of manpower.
5) Improvement in productivity.
6) Collaboration with subcontractor and partner simultaneously.
7) The quality of design is optimized.
8) Direct data transfer reduces the Human error.
9)Feasibility to acquire high-quality estimation.
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