CSE is Connection Study Environment which is a revolutionary software program for the design, verification, and check of steel connections, allowing free component positioning in 3D space.
Developed by Castalia srl. The software allows the design and the computation of simple to most complicated 3D steel connections according to several design codes, such as:CSE

  • Eurocode 3 EN 1993-1-8,
  • British Standards 5950 Limit state,
  • American Standards (AISC-ASD & AISC-LRFD),
  • Indian Standards (IS 800 WS & IS 800 LS),
  • Italian Standards CNR 10011 (AS & LS) and
  • Russian Standard SNiP.

It uses a powerful Graphics User Interface and different Finite Element Solvers(both Internal And External). The software has been continuously developed since the 90’s, and it has grown to become a worldwide unrivaled product.

Advantage of using CSE:

As far as we Know, CSE is the only program available to check connections built up by freely placing components, it is true freedom of component positioning. CSE does not work with Pre-Defined Joint kinds (Rigid Cooking Recipes) but it allows the checking of the connections freely created by the user. Thanks to an Interactive Graphic User Interface, which lets the user place components where it is needed by rotating, shifting, cutting, or modifying them as per the requirements. It manages very General and Flexible Structural Model in the background.

Model Complex Joints with CSE

Using CSE, the user can check complex structures in hundreds or thousands of Load Combinations. CSE checks Overlapping by itself, Recognizes Connections, Joint Topology, and Proper Layouts. It automatically performs all the computations needed to transfer Internal Forces at the Theoretical Extremes of the Members to their True, Distributed Joiner Points. The program has a very wide set of Checking Tools, from Automatic FE Modelling of Components (including the Single Forces transferred by Joiners Sub-Components) to addition of User Defined Simplified Checks (via Pre-Defined variables and User Variables. Other features include the Standard Automatic Checking Tools Of Joiners, Throughs and Members such as Net Sections, Anchors, Bearing Pressures, Pull Out, Shear, No Tension One Side Contacts, and etc.

Design Codes in CSE

Using CSE, the user could design connections (Using Fillet Welds or Bolts) of 2D and 3D Structures and check them as per Eurocode 3 (EN 1993-1-8), IS 800:2007 (Indian Standard - Working Stress & Limit State), USA AISC-ASD, AISC-LRFD, and Italian CNR 10011.

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