Power Connect

Power Connect is the perfect software to design the standard steel steel connections.  Design codes include Euro, American and Indian standards. Power Connect enables the user to Optimize the Dimensions of each Individual Component, delivering the most Optimal Bolted and Welded Connections in the shortest possible time frame.


PowerConnect Features
  • Easy and Fast Definition of Connections from an extensive Library of Typical Connection Designs.
  • Graphical User Interaction for Definition of Design Modifications.
  • An unlimited number of Load Combinations.
  • Import of Steel Member Connections from PowerFrame. User-Definable Threshold on Connection Loads for Automatic Identification of Most Critical Loads Combinations from Global Frame Design.

Connections between H and I Cross Sections
  • Extensive range of Connection Types: Beam-Column, Beam- Column-Beam, Beam-Beam, Column Base, Beam-Beam with Bolted Plate on Flanges and/or Web.
  • The choice between a wide range of Stiffeners: End Plate, End Plate Stiffener, Web Stiffener, Backing Plate, Web Plate, Haunch, Base Plate With Cramps, End Plate Stiffener, Bolted Plate on Beam Flange, Bolted Plate on Beam Web, Connection Angle, Fin Plate, Transverse Plate.
  • Standard preferences for Connections and Stiffeners could be easily defined by the user.
  • Optimisation of Bolt Positions according to Eurocode 3.
  • Calculation of Connection Design Resistance (Bending, Shear and Compression/Tension). Limit State Design Verification of Connections with respect to the Design values of Internal Forces.
  • Fast Identification of Undersized and Oversized Components through Colour-Coding on Connection Geometry of each component's level of exhaustion.
  • Evaluation of Effective Design Stiffness and export to PowerFrame for Limit State Design of Structural Steel Frames.

Hollow Core Section Connections
  • Analysis of Tubular Connections of Type T, Y, DY, X, K, N, KT & DK (Circular & Rectangular Cross-Section).
  • Analysis of Axial Force Resistance Tubular Members, and of In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Bending Moment Resistance.

  • Creation of Plan Views including annotations.
  • Export capability to DXF, allowing for further elaboration in CAD Environment.
  • Automated Creation of Design Analysis Report with Preview Capability. The Report Could be saved as RTF File.

Power Connect Benefits


BuildSoft PowerConnect is a dedicated Steel Connection Design Tool. Within PowerConnect's User-Friendly Steel Design Software Environment you can define Single-Sided or Double-Sided Connections for a wide range of Practical Designs quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, connections could be imported directly from PowerFrame.

Design changes can then be defined easily, enabling Structural Engineers and Steel Contractors to test several designs in a short Time Frame and finally, get the most Optimal Solution.


PowerConnect implements the most recent Limit State Design methods according to Eurocode 3 Or IS800.

In Spite of the complexity of those methods, PowerConnect's strong solver capabilities enable us to evaluate instantly, the impact of Design changes on the Connection's Design Resistance and Stiffness. Thus providing us the better insights into the Quantitative Importance of the most Relevant Steel Connection Design Parameters.


PowerConnect provides you with a Complete Steel Design Software Solution for Welded and Bolted Steel Connection Design - Standard. PowerConnect offers Connection and Loads Modeling Capabilities, Static Analysis, Limit State Design Verification, and Reporting Capabilities.

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