QUIKSOFT offers the collection of software like Quickport, Quikjoint, Quickframe, Quickbeam, QuickEC3, and Merlin for the design of Structural joints, frames, beams etc.


Quikport is the most versatile portal frame design program on the market. In addition to elastic and elastic-plastic methods, it incorporates a unique optimizing routine based on linear programming techniques. With no restrictions on frame geometry, Quikport will deliver the goods where other programs fail. It offers intelligent wizard technology for automatic design and checking. Quickport also includes second order analysis and automatic load generation including wind-loading based Designs on Eurocode-3 and BS5950.


Steel connection design for simple and moment connections in accordance with EN 1993-1-8 and the green books (P212, P207, P358, and P398). It is the most comprehensive connections package available. Select a joint type, enter member sizes and loads. That’s all you have to do! Quikjoint’s connect wizard will produce a connection design to Eurocode 3 or BS5950 based on the fabricator experience stored in its unique knowledge base. Working with an automatically drawn fully dimensioned and annotated drawing, you can click on any item to change it.


Frame analysis program with steel and timber design to EN 1993, EN 1995, BS5950 and BS5268. It is an easy-to-use but powerful structural analysis tool. Quickframe offers the innovative program for the analysis of 2D frames on any elastic material. Using a simple but versatile set of drawing tools, you can quickly and accurately draw almost any type of frame and get instant results. It has optional steel and timber design modules in accordance with Eurocode 3, Eurocode 5, BS5950 and BS5268.


Software for the design of steel and composite beams including holes in webs in accordance with EN 1993, EN 1994 and BS5950. Quikbeam’s innovative wizard-based approach makes it immediately productive for the new user and powerful enough for the busy designer who expects the facilities many other simple programs lack. It is available for Eurocode 4 and BS 5950.


An ideal training tool for EN 1993-1-1 (Eurocode 3). QuikEC3 is a very useful ‘electronic blue book’ which can calculate properties, section classifications, and structural capacities for a wide range of section shapes, using Eurocode 3 terminology. A database of all major worldwide steel sections is included but custom tables are easily built for non-standard sections. The user can view calculations for classification, capacity, combined capacity, strut, lateral torsional buckling, and combined buckling in simple tabs or output calculations for a complete solution.


Merlin is the BS5950 equivalent of QuikEC3 and remains an effective tool for creating custom sections for export to Quick port, Quikjoint, Quikframe, and Quikbeam. Merlin speeds the repetitive calculations required for steel design to BS5950-P1:2000. The program deals with a comprehensive range of section shapes including semi-compact and slender and even facilitates the creation of custom-made rolled and fabricated sections.

Why Should You Buy Quiksoft?

  • Comprehensive Portal Frame Analysis and Design Program with no built-in limits
  • Elastic, Rigorous Minimum Weight and Elastic-Plastic Design Methods Including 2nd Order Effects.
  • Unique CAD-Like Input, just sketch your Frame Or Use The Intelligent Input Wizard.
  • Wide Range of Loading Types, just sketch the Loading or use the Wizard.
  • Automatic Frame and Member Stability Checks, including In-Plane Stability to BS5950: Pt 1:2000, EN1993-1 And SCI Guide.
  • Amplified Moment Method And Advanced 2nd Order Elastic/Plastic Analysis
  • Comprehensive On-Screen and Printed Output with Links To CAD Via DXF and CIS/2

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