STRAP  (STRuctural Analysis Programs) is a Windows-based suite of finite element static and dynamic analysis programs for buildings, bridges, and other structures. STRAP also includes modules for the design of steel sections (rolled and cold formed) and reinforced concrete (beams, columns, slabs, walls, footings) in accordance with American, European, Canadian, and other international codes.


STRAP  is one of the most comprehensive and versatile structural analysis and design software systems available on the market today. It is also the easiest to use due to its superb graphic user interface (GUI) and context-sensitive help system. It offers the engineer a powerful but affordable tool for analysis and design of a wide range of skeletal and continuum structures such as buildings, bridges, shells, towers and more.

STRAP  uses graphical input for the generation of models and loads. Every drawing on the screen can be printed, imported into other documents, or (through DXF) into drawings. Complete analysis and design can be performed for any structure without ever referring to joint or beam numbers. Load combinations can be created after analysis is performed.  Combinations can be changed instantly without solving the model again.

STRAP  comes with design modules for designing reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete and structural steel (hot-rolled and cold-formed)

For the engineer interested in dynamic effects, STRAP  also includes modules for modal analysis, seismic response spectra calculations according to many codes and time-history response calculations.

STRAP is extensively used by large Construction Companies, Government Agencies, International Agencies, Engineering Firms, and Worldwide Educational and Research Organizations.

STRAP software’s unique design capabilities make it an outstanding Structural Design Program in the market. Some of the interesting features are listed below.

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