STRAP  (STRuctural Analysis Programs) is a Windows-based suite of finite element static and dynamic analysis programs for buildings, bridges, and other structures. STRAP also includes modules for the design of steel sections (rolled and cold formed) and reinforced concrete (beams, columns, slabs, walls, footings) in accordance with American, European, Canadian, and other international codes.


STRAP  is one of the most comprehensive and versatile structural analysis and design software systems available on the market today. It is also the easiest to use due to its superb graphic user interface (GUI) and context-sensitive help system. It offers the engineer a powerful but affordable tool for analysis and design of a wide range of skeletal and continuum structures such as buildings, bridges, shells, towers and more.

STRAP  uses graphical input for the generation of models and loads. Every drawing on the screen can be printed, imported into other documents, or (through DXF) into drawings. Complete analysis and design can be performed for any structure without ever referring to joint or beam numbers. Load combinations can be created after analysis is performed.  Combinations can be changed instantly without solving the model again.

STRAP  comes with design modules for designing reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete and structural steel (hot-rolled and cold-formed)

For the engineer interested in dynamic effects, STRAP  also includes modules for modal analysis, seismic response spectra calculations according to many codes and time-history response calculations.

STRAP is extensively used by large Construction Companies, Government Agencies, International Agencies, Engineering Firms, and Worldwide Educational and Research Organizations.

STRAP software’s unique design capabilities make it an outstanding Structural Design Program in the market. Some of the interesting features are listed below.

Geometric Modelling
  • Very simple Modelling Graphics Features.
  • Various Models with loads can be combined to one Model.
  • Sub-Structure Modelling.
  • Special features to model High-Rise Buildings.
  • Special features for modeling Shear Walls and Lift Cores.
  • Auto-Meshing for any Irregular Shaped Panels.
  • Facility to design Steel, Concrete, Composite Structures in one Model.
  • Importing of DXF Drawing and DXF Drawing Overlay Option.
  • Import of Model files from other Structural Programs.

Loading Options
  • Automatic generation of Floor loads for any Irregular Shape Panels.
  • Possibility to define Patch or Point Loads on Slabs(Without Modelling FEA).
  • Fast Definition of Loads for multi-Storey Buildings using Sub-Structure option.
  • Automatic generation of Wind Loads on Closed or Open Structures.
  • Automatic generation of Notional loads.
  • Generation of Moving loads(Straight or Curved Path).
  • Loads in different directions could be moved simultaneously using Moving Load Option.
  • Automatic generation of Pattern Loads.
  • Easy definition of variable loads on Elements(when modeling Water or Earth Retaining Structures).

Earthquake Analysis
  • Automatic Calculation of Nodal Weights.
  • Inbuilt Response Spectra for various Soils and possibility to define the Site Spectra.
  • Easy Definition of Rigid Floors.
  • Option to specify Storey Eccentricities.
  • Automatic Scaling of Response Spectrum Results.
  • Option to obtain the Earthquake results with signs of the Dominant Mode Shape.
  • Calculation of Centre Of Rigidity and Centre Of Mass.
  • Calculation of Weak Storey.
  • Calculation of Storey Shear Force.
  • Checking of Storey Drift.

Analysis Features
  • State of the art Algorithms that ensure an extremely Fast Solution, using minimum Disk Space.
  • The analysis could be interrupted and continued later (extremely useful when working on large Modes).
  • Tension and Compression of  Beams, Unidirectional Springs,  and P - Delta for Second Order Effect.
  • Gap Elements, Non-Linear Springs, and Plastic Hinge Definitions.
  • Time History Analysis
  • STRAP enables you to analyze a model that changes at different stages of the Construction Process (E.G. Concrete Casting In Stages) and combine all the results to one file.
  • Stiffness Matrix could be saved(considerable reduction of Time for re-analysis).

Design and Detailing of RC Structures
  • STRAP provides an End-To-End solution for RC Structures. It can perform Analysis, Design (including Optimisation of Reinforcements), production of drawing, and Bar Bending Schedules.
  • Design and detailing Of RC Structures as per various International Codes (ACI/ Euro/ Indian/ BS/ Chinese And Etc).
  • Possibility to Model, Analyse, and Design Beams, Columns, Shear Walls, Slabs (Flat Slabs, Solid Slabs, Grid Slabs, and etc) and Raft all in one model.
  • Slab Deflection Calculation based on long-term effects/Cracked Sections.
  • Punching Checks for Flat Slabs and Raft.
  • Special features to model Shear Walls with ease.
  • Column Design for any Irregular Cross Section.
  • Automatic Detection of Unsupported Lengths for Beams and Columns.
  • Automatic Calculation of Effective Length Factors for Columns.
  • Option to check for User Defined Reinforcements in Columns and Beams.
  • Very simple to model High-Rise Buildings using Sub-Structure options.

Design of Steel Structures
  • Design as per various International Codes.
  • Very detailed Calculation Reports.
  • Design of Slender Sections (especially used in Pre-Engineered Buildings).
  • The unique feature of Sway and Drift Optimisation to obtain the Minimum Cost Design.
  • Numerable options for Built-Up Sections Analysis and Design.
  • Automatic detection of Unsupported Lengths and calculation of Effective Length Factors.
  • Automatic Connections Design.

Design of Composite Structures
  • Analysis and Design of Composite Columns (Encased Or Filled) and Composite Beams.
  • Possibility to design Tapered Composite Beams
  • Automatic Calculation of Equivalent Section Properties by the Program.

Automatic Design of Steel Connections
  • Integrated Module for the design of steel Connections.
  • The program automatically extracts the Forces from Analysis and provides the Optimum Connection Design.
  • The User could easily change the Parameters and check/calculate once again.

Design of Cold Formed Steel Structures
  • Creation of user's own Cold Formed Sections library.
  • Design available for Various International Codes.
  • The exact shape of the Cross Sections could be viewed in the Rendered Image.

Analysis of Bridges
  • In-Built Vehicle loads for various International Codes.
  • The User just has To define Lanes and choose the Vehicle type, and the Program automatically runs the vehicles on various lanes and gets maximum force envelopes & deflections.
  • Offers the Design of Straight and Curved Bridges.
  • Possibility to define Construction Stages.

Post Tension Design
  • Post Tension Design is available for both Beams and Slabs.
  • Design based on various International Codes
  • Numerable options to define the Cable Profile.

Transmission Tower Design
  • IS802 Code for Transmission Tower Designs is implemented.

Water Retaining Structure Design

Designing of Water Retaining Structure based on BS 8007 Code

Section Property Calculator
  • Create your own Parametric Thin Wall Cross Sections and export it to STRAP Program.
  • Create Thick Wall Sections using the Standard Parametric Library or your own shape.
  • Import Cross Sections from DXF Files.

Import/Export Options
  • Import/Export DXF files
  • Import model and loading files from other Structural Programs.
  • Export to Steel Detailing Programs


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